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Chapter 47 #birthdayblog the beginning…

Selfie_August 2017

I am not forsaking the last 46 years, I am blessed. I am humbled and ever so confident in God. His works are undeniable. This past week I attended a beautiful wedding where African Attire was required. We are a beautiful people. I attended the funeral of a great friend…her mother was –is her world. I wear my pearls in honor of her memory and my mother’s as well. Our mothers’ are the salt of the earth…they make us you know…they make us in spite of their dreams, in spite of the things they want for themselves. How amazing is the role of mother. In addition, with some dread…I am being matched to date….it has been five years since I have been on a date. What a birthday week!!  I love new experiences and value the past ones. Year 47 will be exceptional!

My life thoughts:

  1. God works within our prayers to show His purposes for our lives.
  2. Others’ happiness can flow over to us but it is up to us to pick up the pieces they leave us.
  3. I am learning that life is grand only if you live it!
  4. Support the ones who support your dreams …without a price.
  5. Our world is relevant to what we do. What we put out returns back to us.
  6. I love being a mother it is far more rewarding than we believe, even with all the sacrifices and …I am good at it.
  7. Damien!
  8. Darius!
  9. Autumn!
  10. Bryant Wade aka Brutus!
  11. Love in spite of how we define it… it wins on its on merit.
  12. Friendships are fundamentals it indicates how we care for one another.
  13. Spirituality although renowned  is one of the most evolutionary, specific and rare experiences that will last forever.
  14. Do not always be aggressive learn to wait in hope.
  15. There is work in the wait.
  16. Connections make you vulnerable yet the real ones last a lifetime. Keep them.
  17. Love more than you hate.
  18. Although forgiveness is a process, forgive anyway. We are unable to stop the hurt. Reflect. Forgive. Move forward in love.
  19. I am okay.
  20. I am worthy of the good.
  21. Your intelligence is an asset…grow it. Share it. Use it.
  22. Hate cripples.
  23. Self-loathing destroys what God has created.
  24. Growth requires new experiences.
  25. Guarding your heart comes with responsibilities, listening and obeying. Do not guard it with barbwire.
  26. Family is the core of our existence. Love them.
  27. Racism is real. God is bigger.
  28. Our biggest fight is to love who we are.
  29. Our greatest fear is not being loved for whom we truly are…we fight to hide and hide to fight.
  30. Self-care is paramount.
  31. Sleep is wonderful, it is when God is doing so much for us and through us. Learn to rest well.
  32. God loves whom He creates. He cannot not love.
  33. Psychology and counseling is what I am great at doing. It is a gift and though heart wrenching I am committed.
  34. Giving birth is life changing; forever.
  35. When the ones we love walk out, it hurts but it is the beginning of so much more. Work through it.
  36. Encourage others; it matters. Fellowship is key to relationships.
  37. You are greater than anything that comes your way. God in all His infinite wisdom ordained it so.
  38. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  39. We indeed reap what we sow. Sow with love.
  40. Love is simple, respectful and honorable. There is not any gray matter.
  41. Do not human up what is spiritually required of you. Freewill is God given. Jesus paid the price, once. He does not have to repeat it.
  42. Adoption is unrequited love. Do not human it up.
  43. Our gifts are our freedom. Develop it. Follow through with it.
  44. Dreams come true with hard work and trust.
  45. Do the necessary #work.
  46. Safety is not a guarantee…it should be with the ones who profess their love for you.

Chapter 47 …new one. I am determined to live life loving better, living wonderfully and assisting in the greater good wherever and whenever I can! ©

P.S. I am excitedly afraid of the possibility of dating. A big sister type of friend says, “Not dating Oh not we cannot have that.” She has been on a mission since Wednesday. #mylife

Intimately worded,


14 responses to “Chapter 47 #birthdayblog the beginning…”

    Sister! I love how you listed your children one by one on the list! They deserve that shine…as do you! BTW, I got you by two years! LOL!!!! I’ll be calling you L’il Baby Sis! Hey but that does not take anything at all from your wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Age is just a number!
    You are gorgeous!
    You are precious!
    You are incomparable!
    You are a unique expression of God!
    I pray that your birthday was all that you expected and MORE!


    • Lady G, I’m not sure who I would be without them. How amazing the role of mother is!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Big Sis! You know I love you big!! My birthday was awesome, quiet and full of blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

      • They are good…thanks so much for asking. My son decided to take a break after graduating before deciding if he wants to go to medical school or what. He’s working at Emory as lab assistant and as a personal trainer. Homeboy getting his hustle on..Point.blank.period. LOL!!!!!!! How are your young men and little lady?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Awesome for him! Congratulations. Decisions are so tough. I’m excited he has a plan and awesome work ethic. #hustlehard 💕 My tribe is wonderful. The older 2 are doing well living their lives and check on me every now & then. The oldest one proposed. MIL status, yikes! Autumn loves school and Bru is already talking early dismissal days and how many absences can he have. 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL!!! MIL status! You would be a good one because you understand boundaries! HA!
        Girl if your Brutus doesn’t sound like my baby girl I don’t know who does. That child loves her rest! LOL!!! She goes hard at the things that she enjoys but is lukewarm about spending all day in school. Sometimes I wonder about the way school is structured, we have enough technology where everyday/all day attendence should not be necessary. There should be a hybrid of some sort. Autumn sounds like she’s “easy like Sunday morning.” 🙂 🙂 😉


      • I hope so. Thanks for the encouragement. I agree…better the quality rather than the quantity. Autumn’s easy like Sunday mornings is more like the yellow brick road in Kansas…she has her moments. She’s a girl teen…a ferocious reader that falls in love with the characters in her books. Honey, she cries for them. I love her heart.


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