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#SundayLove  Selfie_August 2017

Happy Sunday Family! Don’t focus on the mess, you will miss the miracles. #encouragement

I woke this morning refreshed, happy. Yesterday, I committed to my own Saturday self-care as well as celebrated a young cousin’s elevation into marriage.

Last week: Wednesday, I awoke with hives. Stressed. This was after supervision with my site supervisor Monday and my professor’s supervision, on Tuesday. I was so bewildered and confused of why my body was attacking me …well protecting me. I do my best to make sure self-care is a daily practice. Thursday, I met with seasoned therapists that laughingly told me this was normal. Hives, cold sores , hair falling out, and mind-fogs were expected! If I didn’t have these things happening something was wrong. I smiled. God intercepts, intervenes when we believe all is wrong and the path chosen is skewed somehow. Remain focused and be encouraged on this journey. Where you are is not without promise.

I believe our happiness is conducive to what is within. Our happiness is uniquely demonstrated in how we treat others and in how we accept what goes around outside of us. I have learned to protect my happy. (smile) It is hard work, especially when it takes years to develop and define happy.

Happiness, peace and joy are different narratives yet carry the same wholeness required to live celebrating life. No one has the ability to grow your happy…only you can do that.Happiness is in you. Grow it. Share it. You matter. #takecareofyourYou

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5 responses to “Happiness”

  1. Girl, hang in there. I agree/disagree. Your profs are right. It is is typical for graduate students to show signs of physical stress; however, I would say (in my opinion) it’s not natural to our being. So glad to hear you are self aware and have self-care systems in place.

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    • Thanks Doc.! I am working with the eating disorder population. It is new for me as well as a tremendous learning curve. It is a whole nother beast…difficult work. This type of stress level with no pay and my schedule has me off kilter. I am putting my arms around it but it boggles my mind and hurts my spirit. This disorder, a basic necessity will lead to death.

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  2. Girl YAAASSSS! Protect your happy as if your life depended on it…in fact it does depend on it!

    Now, I do agree with Dr. Garland about the nature of hives and such. I have come to learn and believe that there is an underlying mental belief that is connected to or causing most dis-eases.

    One of my mentors told me that skin conditions like rashes mean that a person has many hidden fears or worries–usually they are not as bad as we are making them. Frankly, I believe there’s something to that.

    Anyway, that said, you might consider finding a few affirmations or scriptures related to peace. You already KNOW I’m gonna holler: “Be still and know that I am God!” Use that one as your ‘mantra.’
    Kisses and hugs and keep taking care of you DIVA!

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