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  • Happiness

    #SundayLove   Happy Sunday Family! Don’t focus on the mess, you will miss the miracles. #encouragement I woke this morning refreshed, happy. Yesterday, I committed to my own Saturday self-care as well as celebrated a young cousin’s elevation into marriage. Last week: Wednesday, I awoke with hives. Stressed. This was after supervision with my site…

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  • Flux to Crux…Part I

    ©©When it hurts to write (my number one love), when it hurts to counsel, when it hurts to breathe…within my crux. My well is dry. My give is limited. My encouraging spirit, well it is in wound. This is new. There have been times in the past I was unable to write. This is different;…

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  • Lion’s Den and the vulnerability of Belief

    God walks before us. He never plays catch up. As so many things fall away, as our fears are presented to us daily in different ways we should be able to “see” more of whom God is. It is during the midnight hours, the darkest moments in my life that I can hear, “see”, and…

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