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Unlearning; God is in the details.

I no longer am game to run on empty, to love on fumes. Inadvertently, we have learned to produce, busy ourselves on empty. Our moms did it as well as our grandmothers; we learned by observation, what we saw The Village doing. Women, we consume what we think works best for us, (as individuals) when we are often the nucleus of our families. Hardly a soft-landing. Scratching my head, it seems the middle of things is the hardest part of this journey. I have learned that it is not the beginning nor the newness that is the most difficult. My personal statement for 2023 continues to pop up consciously: #intentionalgrace…I’m not feeling graced nor graceful these last few months and all is not terrible. I’m leaning more into the flux of my creativity, sitting with the faithfulness and the stillness of things.

I’m reflective, conscientious in showing up in the difficult places and I’m happy; things truly are falling into blessed places, making room for intricate spaces. I am able to identify the external factors of my lapse in not flowing with my creative abilities. I readily identify my emotions and process the nudges, the whispers…I’m attune with my intuition. I am able to recognize the internal and soulful things that push me off kilter, off my structure for cultivating peace. I am also self-aware, I love being my way through and acknowledging my yearning for “stillness.”

Big, big things are happening in this world and those big things are heart wrenching and at times unyielding. I’m learning to answer those whispers to call, to reach out to others. I smile when I hear their joy in hearing my voice. I’m learning to hear, to listen to reciprocate and to want as much as I give out. Love seems to be so far removed from all the new things, new ways, new this, new that. What I know, strength is love; love is strength. Remain mindful of the good things, of good people…we’re all trying to find our way.

My prayers: “May I not settle in my disappointments, Heavenly Father.”

Be encouraged: “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” — Hebrews 12:11

Intimately Worded,



5 responses to “Unlearning; God is in the details.”

  1. So many nuggets of wisdom in here. Love that you’re responding to the call to write! It’s clear there are seeds sprouting in your soul; field of wildflowers ❤️🌱🌻🌼🪷

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  2. Love this, Michelle! So full of wisdom. By the way, you are one of the graceful people, I’ve encountered in this digital space. Keep doing You!

    And this, ”I am able to identify the external factors of my lapse in not flowing with my creative abilities.” Isn’t it wonderful to identify things that hinder our creative abilities! I hope you make time for your art. If you haven’t read Beth Picken’s book, Make Your Art No Matter What, please get yourself a copy for motivation! ❤

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    • Oh, Khaya! I truly appreciate you. I have met the most gracious and genuine souls in this blogging world. It is indeed wonderful to learn! I will pick up the book you suggested. I am grateful for your graceful motivation. “Make Your Art No Matter What!”

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