Healing: Necessary Work

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. As this world continues to be lopsided, broken and undergoing intense psychological warfare on Humanity; I find myself consistently in a weird wounded type of movement. Open, learning, yearning yet not passive nor suppressed….Defiantly Intimate.

The Process of Unlearning

Since last post, I completed my required 3000 hours under my deadline goal of two years—I completed them in 18 months. I have submitted my application for approval for full licensure. I have improved my selfcare with purchasing fresh flowers for my home, just because I like the idea of them. Even with this quarantine, I remain available for my children, my grandchild and my patients. I’ve tried to date….men are exhausting. That’s a whole other ordeal. #MyLife

Living Black does not leave me disconnected from any of the News, the headlines, the atrocities. Racism, the hate isn’t new. The resurgence of the Black Movement is painful, magnetic, intense and divinely necessary. This is more than a moment. Do your work, you matter. #SystemicAwareness

I want to write about the process in healing. When healing, you’re not moving pass it. You’re moving through it. Healing requires acknowledgment before insight and foresight are gifted. How are we to reconcile when the hurt is not recognized? This is where its not about “how you made me feel” takes root but rather having the capacity to self-advocate with, “You hurt me.”

I understand that we do not like conflict. Yet, it is divinely irresponsible to limit the pathways toward your healing. This is where you begin your work. We tend to rationalize reaching down or reaching backward for the very same systems, person or people that broke us.

Be willing to overturn and unlearn systems that benefit from the crushing of Humanity: WE are a powerful people. Good wins; it should. Allow people to leave when emotional maturity is lacking, when spiritual identity becomes foggy, distant, unreciprocated. Give space —huge amounts of space to those who are incapable of making room for you. Move differently. You are worthy of healing.

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Writer’s Favorite Work: Lion’s Den and the vulnerability of Belief is one of my greatest written work to date. Take a read or re-read.

5 thoughts on “Healing: Necessary Work

  1. Now that you mention, “I know I haven’t blogged in awhile.” I have tried to find where I can subscribe by e-mail to your blog so as not to miss your latest posts, but in vain. It’d be great to keep in touch through the blog as well as things are always fleeting fast on Instagram. 🙂

    But, congrats on completing your 3000 hours. I hope by now you’ve also had a positive outcome or response to your application for full licensure.

    When it comes to hardships we continue to face, I echo your sentiment “Living Black does not leave me disconnected from any of the News, the headlines, the atrocities.” And your message about healing is true and powerful. We have to move through the process, indeed, in order to heal. ❤

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    1. I’ll look into that Khaya. I was unaware, there shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll take care of it today. Thank you, I am fully licensed. His grace.

      I value your time and encouraging words. Thanks for always inspiring and giving me that writer’s push…I require it. 🥰💞

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