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Broken Relationships

Dysfunctional moments have the possibility to lead to decisions that will set us on paths unintended. How we treat each other, love each other is one of the greatest gifts we give. It is priceless. Yet, everyone one of us has someone we will not talk to nor deal with due to personal and private issues.

Healing begins when we are able to let go. Letting go of the guilt, the anger, the remorse as well as the mindful playbacks of what ifs. Concerns about what could have been are mere distractions that can keep you unfocused on what is ahead. Apologize if the desire is there but prepare yourself—your readiness, your act of kindness has the potential of non- reciprocation.

Life gives so many challenges. The opportunities of having more are multi in number. Continue doing what is right. When we take the necessary steps often times that is when the unpredictable happens. Our hearts mend with the intent to move forward.

If we allow it, Life will cater to our pain—to the perceptions we have of others and ourselves. Friendships stale, our versions of love and being love can deteriorate. We bury our emotions; we skip over life lessons and expect resounding forgiveness from those our actions destroy.

What I love about forgiveness is the two-way of it. Forgiveness removes the fault lines, those consequences of failed hope without a trace of residue. Do not push away, do not shut down on the things that matter the most. Matters of the heart are genuine steps to all you wish for; remain expectant in God’s better. Think of it this way….broken relationships are broken at times for new growth. Brokenness is not an ongoing exit for guilt, shame, arguments and doubt. Move forward.

Love as our Creator commands. Forgiveness is counterintuitive to love. Forgive because it betters you. Let God do the rest. I worry less when I trust God more. My heart has taken its share of bruises; my soul wounds have been many yet trust God I do. This time of my life, this winter season has been the warmest ever.

 You have what you want in this life; make it work!

Happy kisses,

A. Michelle!


10 responses to “Broken Relationships”

  1. ummm, well, yes… mostly. I agree entirely that forgiveness can be healing, but as an atheist, I do not forgive from commandment, but rather if and only iff the offending party both apologizes (hopefully sincerely, but who am I to know) and tries to do right (make some sort of restitution) by those who he/she has harmed.
    It’s the evening of the scales, the Cherokee idea of balance, that makes forgiveness possible, for me. Otherwise, you are right, it is absolutely necessary to accept what happened and move forward with one’s life.


  2. love it…speaks to me…cause i forgive easily…however 2015 has really just took my breath away to where I don’t want to. Im tired of being the bigger person I just want to be me. Take it or leave it. however thats not my personality or my being. I smile even though it hurts and as Donnie McClurkin say “we fall down, but we get up”. I have stayed down long enough and 2016 is a leap year so i will be leaping back up…love ya chica

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    • Forgiving is difficult and it make should you stronger not bitter. Proud of you Mo! You shine. Thank you for your kind words. I shared with a friend…”it is easy to forgive in order to move forward yet wonderful when we forgive God’s way.” Kisses Lovebug.


    • Its a difficult process. My wish is for you to reflect and breathe, grow through your progress. Personally, you outshine any and all who have hurt you. Keep shining Mo! Love you more!


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