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That Publish button…my bloggy blog statement


When I write….It all passes through me. I see more in black and white than what’s in my heart. I can fix this…when I write.

​ My feelings, emotions are more coherent. They are tangible, loud. Emotions feel, taste, they bite. My tiny voice is loud, substantial, coherent no longer misunderstood…when I write. I’m strong, powerful, vulnerable and so transparent. It scares me, still…when I write. 
When I write, there aren’t any rules. There are no, “You can’t.”  No incorrect grammar rules (ok, I have to make sense) but I can make up words within my own writing context, “uncourageous”— (what a wonderful word) and you as the reader know exactly what it means!  As a female raised in the South, no rules is a new phenomenon and the release is pure ecstasy.
(Don’t get too deep with the latest intonation. lol)

My heart seems to have no rhyme or reason but my words bleed truth, bleed, reveal my  soul. ​ My matters of the heart are not without healing, when I write. The invincible is plausible, the impossible is reasonable. ​​ I can do more, achieve more when I write. I am more than super; I am a wonder, when I write.  I feel normal yet I know this writing is unique, a gift, my very own gift. It is mine….and it frees me….it connects me…it heals me. It is me, all of me.​

My tears spill over into smiles or a  “Wow. Now I see” ​ confirmation begins to develop new ideas. ​ My joy, the kind no one can take away centers me. God meets me write there…..and quite simply, “There” is an intimacy experienced–no longer an imagination…when I write.

Vulnerably yours,

~A. Michelle!

13 responses to “That Publish button…my bloggy blog statement”

  1. There is a freedom to it all! I can totally relate! No rules no regulations! No right or wrong! You can’t tell me my feelings, my breath is wrong! It’s how I live! When starting to write it flows out like water…and we all need water! Beautiful!

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    • Ditto! One thing I do not share on my blog is that I am a Guardian ad Litem so finding your blog is a kudo for me. (I’m not quite sure how to share it without revealing my heartbreak.) I love how God connects us. I am reading your book, “Stayed on Freedom’s Call…” I am enjoying it so far. Continue to be amazing!

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      • THANK YOU!!! Uh, what is a Guardian ad Litem? (Just msg me privately if you prefer on that one…)
        No need to reveal your pain, but I can find a way to get Skype if you want to.
        YOU, Ma’am, are even more amazing -I have yet to find the courage to write …

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      • Guardian ad Litem is a advocate for neglected and abused children. I work to make sure their voice, their needs are met in court. No need to Skype….everything is confidential, has to be. The role is a heavy one and locating your site was a positive for me.

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      • Cool. I am very glad to be able to help. Pls always feel free to let me know if I can help in any specific ways, too. Hope you’re having a good day. Time to go to bed here.
        Good night,


      • Thank you -I dreamt that I was able to help a Spanish-speaker with US paperwork! Must be that I went to sleep happy to be able to help someone! 🙂 (oddly, then I dreamt I was back in Turkey, and someone had stolen my shoes. Go figure…)


      • Lots of ppl in Turkey lack shoes. Inequality is more visible there than in the US. I always got criticized for refusing to wear heels and makeup, but even simple shoes will do (or are in fact better) for the poorest. Even Mosques and some apartment bldgs had the problem of shoe theft. 😦


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