When I write….

A. Michelle

So, I am doing this….blogging! I am ecstatic, leery, scared, apprehensive, protective and very sensitive when it comes to sharing, yes even with writing.

We can pick and choose the amount of “stuff” we want to reveal to others. Yet, I think writing reveals more than surface, more than black and white….. depending on the reader–what you receive is what makes you;  the reader, the writer unique.

So bread my butter, like my posts, comment, encourage me to do more. I only ask that you read and enjoy. As well as smile, chuckle, laugh, agree, disagree (without hurting my feelings.) be generous, love and be loving.

My blogs are my experiences, my take on what is happening in my life. At times my special moments will have you laughing out loud or reflecting with a “Wow.” (I hope so.)

I love to write— writing since my teens. I didn’t really want to blog, it seemed like a great undertaking with all that I have to do.  I asked my oldest his opinion of creating a personal website versus blogging to share my short stories. I know he was shaking his head as he text, “That is blogging Ma. You should do it.” He is 25 years old. My Damien, my genius.

My Autumn states, “I think writing will free you.” She is 11 years old. Pretty smart kid.

I have two other little people who call me Ma, Darius, 22 years old and Brutus, 8. They each make my world what it is at this moment….extraordinary!

I appreciate you Trish Jones, Paulette, Trena B! and my sister Keyna for pushing me, laughing with me and encouraging me to reveal my “Me” to the world. Kisses!

You are amazing,

A. Michelle!

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