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  • The Plot of Resiliency: Do Not Settle With Hurt

    I’m not afraid of the unknown. I tend to get stuck in the not knowing…and that becomes quite tricky, rather unsatisfying; in some moments punishing. We do not have to settle with hurt and we should try our best not to settle with it. I know it is difficult and often feels normal when we…

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  • “There is something there…”

    “There is something there…”

    Prelude: I am flowing not forcing. I reflect, smile and I asked God for more writing days. My days, my months, this year has been divine, purposed, productive, exhausting and loving days of hallelujahs. I am living to “do no harm” to anyone and thriving in my authenticity to be my truly different unique self.…

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  • Graced For More

    Committing to writing has always been an adventurous discipline for me. Forgive me for not posting as quickly as my experiences occur. I am ever so grateful for the way Life is treating me and faithfully attuned to how God stands in the gaps of my unknowing. August, my birthday month has been revolutionary! My…

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  • Give Me Strength to See

    “A mind that is stretched by new experience will never go back to its old dimensions.”–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.  I am aware that my blog life has been a “You betta do it” and “I will” task listed for the last 6 months. The last half of 2018 exploded in gratuitous blessings. My eldest son…

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  • Embracing the Future

    Throughout my social media outlets and the way I choose to live my life—I would be remiss to not acknowledge the difficulty of transitions.  I have encouraged and will continue to encourage the process of transitioning …at this moment I feel as if I am tirelessly transitioning and it seems in the most difficult yet…

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