No Leftovers

The kitchen is my therapy and creating new recipes are a simple joy. I enjoy going into the kitchen and masterminding a meal. I cook for the love of it and of course to feed the hungry bellies and mouths of my tribe.

This dish below was prepared with left over oven-roasted chicken breast. I cut it cup and stir-fried it with red peppers, garden roma tomatoes, onions, and garlic. The pasta is Parmesan, black pepper filled ravioli. Cook as directed and add it last to your stir-fry skillet. Cook according to taste. I believe it only took me 15 minutes top to prepare this meal.


Black Rice Stir Fry. It is quite a bit different but I have learned to love it. Black rice has a nutty taste to it and I spice it up quite a bit. The Tribe refuses to eat it, so I mainly take it for my lunch during the week.

Cook Black Rice according to directions. In a preheated skillet, add olive oil and your choice of vegetables. I choose garden roma tomatoes, garlic, yellow peppers and onions. Spices included crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper and salt. It is fulfilling alone or as a side item with salmon or whatever main entrée you decide.

By the way there are never an abundance of left overs in this home of mine. #foodie #family

Remember, to enjoy what you do. Everyday tasks are not just routine, they add structure and remind us what to bring back to focus—the importance of living life, happily. Keep it simple. Our efforts go further than the end of a meal. Worry distorts reality. You are worth whatever it is you seek. It will come. ©

Yummy eats,