Sunday Brunch….Fearlessness

Sunday Brunch

Fearlessness is taking on Life’s opportunities without one clue how. In this short write-up I am not giving you any answers, however I can encourage you to stay in the race, to not quit. One: put one foot in front of the other. Two: Pray. Seeking and believing the answers received. Three: Continue!

Always look confident. Your appearance is a great asset. The confidence in knowing who you are should show. Do not dim your light. God does not sugarcoat, placate, nor sway you into your purpose. He purposely placed you in the position of uncomfort, away from what is easy, away from what you know. The opportunities to address and confront your fears are within every step you take to reach your destiny.

Nothing is easy, nothing is perfect. You still go for it! Remember, keep your confidence in God. The ability to enjoy life, to succeed in pursuing your wants are gifts from God. Psalm 27 demonstrates how confidence begins with faith.

Be God-confident; go for it!

Gloss & Heels,