Movies, Series & Books: Some Soul Finds

I want to share my world with you a bit more. I found a few movies and book treasures during and post CoVid. I love a good vs evil movie. I love a great romance movie. I like my books to open me to new worlds, new cultures and new thoughts. Here is a list of some enjoyables.

Summer Movies, that got my attention and gave me all the feels:

The Photograph w/ Issa Rae and LaKeith Lee Stanfield

Julia & Julia w/ Meyrl Streep and Amy Adams on Netflix.

Chef w/ Jon Favreau on Netflix.

Marry Me w/ Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez on Prime Video. It is a Rom-Com ….not a bad one.

Series that are worthwhile:

Love Life on HBO Max w/ William Jackson Harper and Jesica Williams. Anna Kendrick not only stars, she is also one of the executive producers.

Hacks on HBO Max w/ Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder

ATypical on Netflix w/ Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport

Peaky Blinders on Netflix w/ Cillian Murphy, Paul ANderson and Helen McCrory (deceased, 2021.)

Books that keep you: 

Brunch at Ruby’s by DL White

Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West

Some Love Some Pain by J. California Cooper (She is one of my favorite authors. 😊)

Sacred Rest, Recover your life, Renew your energy, Restore your Sanity by Saundra Dalton Smith, MD

When to Walk Away Finding Freedom from toxic people by Gary Thomas

Yes, I would love to know thoughts on these suggestions. Let’s chat about it.

Be well,


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