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#31DaysOfPrayer ♥️

In July, I participated in 31 days of prayer, 6:00 am to 6:30 am…every morning. No, this was not a challenge. I went in believing I wouldn’t last half of those days but I would attempt to participate until I couldn’t anymore. There have been moments when we move through life that requires more. Much of my life has been in wonderment and most certainly I’ve been unsure of what More looks like. My #prayer life, my daily devotion is consistent and without force. There is always room for personal increase. We fall short of loving others and others fall short of loving us…in all of Life, learning how unique #prayer affects us as individuals as well as corporately is with divine purpose.

During this experience, the dynamics of holiness, of spiritual alignment are fragile. This journey was more intense than I was prepared for. There were more sleepless nights, and troubled sleep without dreams and more times than not that I couldn’t get back to sleep. July was becoming cumbersome.

I was completely off kilter. I understand that there is privilege in prayer; grace is a promise of prayer. Prayer is multifaceted, an in-depth dialogue with our Creator. Our connection to Him is never ever surface stuff. Prayer is residual…

Currently, my life has been blessings of impossibles being made possible. I’ve taken up Yoga due to my stress levels as a licensed therapist. Practicing Yoga hurts. I’m unable to breathe without pain. Instructor states I’m in protective mode. She makes a whole lotta sense. I’m going to stick with it. My caseload has steadily increased…I’m able to quit my part time job at the Crisis Center.

There’s honor in prayer. I never thought about it like that before. I’ve learned to honor God in my requests. We believe more in what we deserve than what we settle for—our humanness. Spiritual Deciphering becomes consistent; I’m learning that Expectation is required hope. Don’t trust what’s behind you—it’s proven faith —instead be greater in knowing that the future is greater. July, 31 days of prayer has shifted me without damage, remorse or regret. Has it challenged me? Greatly! Greatly, in movement…a continuous process of divine growth. #PrayerLife #Faith

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” ~Mary Oliver

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  1. I find it is a bit scary being “real” with God. We receive different blessings than we expect and they are more than we could imagine and after adjusting they are always what we need. He is a God with a plan….He is a God in control and He will do amazing things if we follow His plan and give up our control. Love the 31 day prayer journey. I pray but I have not committed to a set time each and every day.

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